SmartHost Resource Pools (aka Reseller Pool) are a perfect solution for resellers, webmasters, designers, and developers. SmartHost Resource Pool packages allow you to purchase custom resources for cpu, memory, diskspace, IP addresses, and bandwidth allotments. You can then utilize purchased resources for any number of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), allocating resources individually to each VPS as you desire. You are not charged per VPS, but rather for your cumulative resource utilization as whole. You may spin up and down VPS as you desire, without any individual VPS charges. SmartHost Resource Pool services come with a Reseller control panel, as well as an API, to create and control your services, whilst each individual VPS comes with a control panel of its own to control that individual VPS. This service scales up to thousands of VPS, and leverages all of the many SmartHost service locations.

SmartHost Resource Pool services give you the perfect opportunity to create multiple VPS to any desired specification. This is perfect for Resellers and Hosting Providers to resell VPS services to their own client bases. This allows clients to focus on sales and marketing of such services, whilst SmartHost handles all the backend hardware, software, and network operations, with the client avoiding such huge outlays of capital.

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Your basic contract with SmartHost includes basic system management upon request (reactive), but not individualized development work, nor full system management, unless otherwise specified. Fully managed service (proactive) is available at a very reasonable additional cost, as an upgrade to all SmartHost service offerings.

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Configure your own VPS Resource Pool

KVM NVME SSD Resource Pool

Base plan, customizable to your needs
  • 50GB NVME SSD RAID Disk Space
  • 2GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 2000GB Bandwidth / 1Gbps Port
  • 5 IPv4 Addresses
  • SolusVM Control Panel